Merryweather & Sons

Merryweather & Sons of Clapham, later Greenwich, London, were builders of steam fire engines and steam tram engines. The founder was Moses Merryweather (1791–1872) of Clapham, who was joined by his son Richard Moses (1839–1877). The Merryweathers worked with the engineer Edward Field to fit his design of a vertical boiler onto a horse-drawn platform. … Continue reading

Dropping Balls to Tell Time

Everyday, at five minutes to one, a bright orange ball on the roof of Flamsteed House at Greenwich’s Old Observatory in London, slides half-way up a pole. At two minutes to one, it rises all the way to the top. At exactly one PM, the ball falls with a dull thud. Anyone who is looking … Continue reading

Free Ride to the Asylum

Some called it ‘Little Annie, some called it ‘The Nurses’ special’ and to some it was ‘Sylum Billy. It was possibly the strangest little railway in Britain, a single track just over one and a half miles long, on which a wheezy old steam locomotive would haul coal, provisions, staff and patients to the country’s … Continue reading

Lost Property

Rail company reveals strangest items left on trains – and some are totally bizarre… Leaving a wallet, an umbrella or glasses behind on a train might be easy to understand, but a wooden casket with ashes inside, a framed picture of Mary Berry, a 6ft inflatable dinosaur or a hamster? Some careless travellers have accidentally abandoned these … Continue reading